Ateş Boran

I am Ateş Boran. For 25 years I have been involved in various sports such as gymnastics and rowing, and for the last 8 years I have continued my career as a CrossFit athlete and competitor. During my intensive training program, I suffered from certain problems and pain due to flat feet. Over the years, I have tried several different insoles. I could not find the comfort and efficiency I was looking for in any of them. And they had a negative impact on my performance.

Murat Güneli

During my 14 years as a coach, I have had the opportunity to experience many different sports. For the past 8 years, I have continued as a CrossFit coach and athlete. For the past 1 year after the pandemic, I have been incorporating land conditions into my training system. When I started preparing for the competition, I needed equipment and support products. I started using the OS1st calf protectors among the FootBalance performance products on my runs. As a result of my experience, I have found that it reduces muscle pain in my lower legs during long workouts, suppresses the feeling of fatigue during workouts, and accelerates the recovery time afterwards.

Neyran Güneli

Hello, I am Neyran Güneli. Since 2013, I have been working with the CrossFit training method as both an athlete and a coach. Because it involves many branches and especially Olympic lifts, I have to be very meticulous in my shoe choices. In the long run, it is very important for me to be able to perform movements such as standing firmly on the ground, balancing, jumping, and running in proper form. After using @footbalance #QuickFit insoles, I saw that they met the needs of me and my members as an athlete and coach. I use them regularly. I like the fact that it fits any shoe and that we can mold it ourselves at home.

Kamil İnak

I always had pain in the soles of my feet after long distance training. You may have heard of plantar fasciitis. I used other insoles before, but many times they lost their properties, I can say that I could not feel the benefit. I continued to suffer from plantar fasciitis pain and eventually I was unable to train and race. This created a serious problem for me. I went to FootBalance on the recommendation of my physiotherapist and got suggestions and feedback from the really expert people there, I started using it and am very happy now. I recommend it to everyone. I hope you will not see any injuries in any way.

Ömer Yılmaz

I play football regularly and recently I have been experiencing a lot of pain and soreness during and after the game. I also had an accident. On this occasion, on the advice of a physiotherapist I met, I had insoles made at FootBalance. Since I was satisfied, I came back and had the insoles that I used when I am playing football. Now I use these insoles in all my shoes. They are very comfortable with many advantages. Thank you for your interest.

Gülşah Başandaç

Today, with the focus on people and customized products, it has become a necessity for our athletes to use custom insoles to protect themselves from injury and perform better. Since the day we started working with FootBalance, we have received positive feedback from our athletes and their satisfaction is very valuable to us. We can say that the fact that the insoles can be made by our expert physiotherapists in a short time of 15 minutes immediately after the foot analysis is the main reason why PT_ACADEMY prefers FootBalance. In addition, it is a great advantage for those who prefer FootBalance to have insole options for different uses such as medical, performance, everyday, ballet flats, classic shoes and no reduction in shoe volume. We believe it will add value to our growing brand in a positive way. Thanks to FootBalance.

Çağrı Ünal

As an athlete who runs marathons and ultramarathons, one of the most important things to me is the health of my feet. Since the first day I started using the FootBalance QuickFit insoles, the sensitivity and fatigue in my feet after long distance running has decreased significantly. I continue to use the FootBalance QuickFit insoles without any problem because I feel more support than with normal insoles and even though I have calluses on my feet, it prevents me from getting sore as I run longer distances.

İlknur Matracı

Hello, I had insoles made at your branch on Bağdat Street about 2 months ago. I had both flat feet and heel spurs. Result: I definitely do not have any problems like pain etc. I was actually not sure when I bought it and I thought the price was high, but it deserves it to the last cent. Thank you.

Bayram Uysal

As a runner who had a lot of problems with long runs due to my flat feet and Morton's toe problems, I ran 71 km with the FootBalance insoles very comfortably and well. Thank you for providing such a service.

Evrim Aslan

I came to your clinic to have orthopedic insoles made for my mother. You have been patient with us. The foot analysis was also done for me at no extra charge. I am very happy that my mother is satisfied with her insoles and her pain is gone, thank you very much. I will come to Istanbul at the first opportunity and we will meet again. Love to you.

Leyla Sapmaz

I ran the London Marathon, the last leg of my journey as Turkey's first female six-star finisher, with FootBalance's high performance, comfortable, flexible specialty insoles. I would like to thank the FootBalance family for their support in this important race. From now on, I will be on my way to my new goals with my custom insoles.

Muzaffer Alemdar

It is a great product that will make you feel the need to walk all the time, with the comfort it gives you while walking on the street, where the appropriate insoles are determined by expert physiotherapists, from the first day you use it you will think "I wish I had known about this before". A friend introduced me to FootBalance yesterday. I was very happy to feel that the pain in my sole decreased within 1 day. In addition, the physiotherapist staff is very interested, I convey my thanks to them from here.

Sinan Gürsoy

FootBalance Game Insoles give me the support and protection I need with their custom design and perfect fit. After I started using them, I could feel the difference. Especially during long runs, the feeling of fatigue on the sole was minimized. The most important plus is that I can easily use the FootBalance insoles in all my training, races and during the day. Read more

Özgür Arıca

Due to a problem during childbirth, my cartilage tissues in my 2 knees and 2 ankles were damaged because I could not step on the ground at the right angle until I was 48 years old, and because of this situation, I had pain that kept me awake until the morning after sports such as tennis, walking, and even daily activities. I have been using FootBalance insoles for 1 month. I have waited to try it before reviewing it, and despite 2 long tennis matches and walking for the last 1 week, my pain that lasted until the morning began to pass with a simple cream and I began to sleep without taking painkillers. I would like to thank the physiotherapist Dilan, who helped me with her knowledge and work during the creation of these insoles, and the company FootBalance, and I strongly recommend it to those who have similar problems.

Tufan Sağnak

Hello, I am Tufan Sağnak. I have been involved in cycling for over twenty years. I am currently actively racing and training with the Peloton Istanbul Club, of which I am the captain. My teammates and I have made it our mission to play the sport we love with the utmost precision and attention to detail. In this way, we ensure that the athletic life that has become our lifestyle is sustainable in a happy and healthy way. For example, to maximize the harmony between machine and body, we use power meters in training, have our bikes bike-fitted, and try to choose the right equipment. Shoes and insoles, which are the first point of contact in the transmission of power, are perhaps the most important of these details. Using standard shoe soles for feet that are very different from each other, even left-right, can be an obstacle to reaching your potential, while also causing physical problems. After I got to know FootBalance, how I felt when riding suddenly changed. The foot analysis revealed different levels of overpronation in both feet. Based on the analysis, the insoles were molded to fit each of my soles. As a result, I have a shoe structure that supports my foot from heel to toe on the bike. I started to make the ankle movement more comfortable when pedaling by pushing harder with my heel. Even my knee pain, which sometimes occurs after long kilometers, disappeared. The best thing is that I can use these insoles, which are made very quickly and conveniently compared to traditional methods, in any cycling shoe I want.