What awaits you in Foot Analysis?

You can make a free foot and step analysis by making an appointment at FoootBalance centres.

So what awaits you in this analysis?

In all FootBalance centres, foot and step analysis is performed by physiotherapists with unique Finnish technology. 3D modelling of the foot is created with 10,000 ultra-sensitive sensors and 16 4k cameras in the MyFootBalance3D kiosk.

This foot modelling is specific to individuals and shows the sole and stepping disorders of the people. As a result of the analysis, the person receives detailed and expert information about many foot problems such as inward-outward pressing degrees, flatfoot-high arch, weight transfer errors. In addition, you can quickly access the dimensional data of the foot such as foot length, width, heel width in the analysis. These data will help you a lot in shoe selection!

As a result of the analysis, MyFootBalance3D system also recommends orthopedic insoles for foot problems. The result report prepared with the recommendations is sent directly to the e-mail of the people.

After the analysis, the recommended 100% personalised FootBalance orthopedic insoles are shaped according to the person’s foot in a short time like 10 minutes on the same system and can be used immediately.

If you care about your foot health, you can make an appointment for a free analysis at a FootBalance centre and find out the cause of your endless foot pain and complaints!